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Meditating On Our Calling

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

By V. Rev. Fr. Barouyr Shernezian

The faithful are invited to meditate while the gifts of

the Holy Eucharist are prepared behind the closed curtain,

which symbolizes the Holy Mother of God‘s pregnancy with Jesus Christ.

Close your eyes and connect your heart with the holy mystery that is taking place behind the curtain. Focus on the word formation. The holy gifts are in the process of transformation into the true body and true blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Give yourself two minutes to try connecting yourself with the center of life, Jesus Christ. While you meditate, imagine that He has been growing in Mary’s womb.

Can you imagine that the immeasurable and almighty Creator of the universe became human, starting His life from scratch just like you or me? That same heart that loves every single creature on earth and incalculably forgives the sins of His people fit into the womb of the righteous Virgin Mary. The source of all life was incarnated as the newborn baby Jesus, bound to His mother’s navel, in order to save us from our sinful nature. He fit his infiniteness, and therefore his divinity, into human form. He chose this form to enable us to meet our Heavenly Father face-to-face. God, love, took human form. He touched us, and in doing so healed, saved and redeemed us. At this moment in the liturgy, the mystery of the mysteries repeats. We are made new again, blessed with Christ’s grace, and showered with divine love. We can’t do anything, but kneel and thank Jesus Christ for taking human form for our sake.

Have you ever imagined how life has been given to you as you grow in your mother’s womb? Do you know that God has created you for a purpose? He has called you to reflect God’s glory on earth. He has given you grace. Do you know your calling? Have you found it yet? Every Sunday, you have an opportunity to meditate on your calling. Ultimately, only you can determine your calling and purpose. Only you can make your most important decisions. As scary as this sounds, God guides and protects us as we navigate through our lives.

We are all created innocent and pure. You are a blessing to your family, to the earth, and to your Heavenly Father. God fills you with grace. Moreover, He sacrificed His only begotten Son so you may live forever.

The world and the evil one often interfere in our development, to prevent us from growing in faith and spirit. We are constantly nudged away from our path to grace. Christ was born to show us the path to our origin; to communion with God. He started His life the very same way that we start our lives, so enable us to learn about the path of grace and glory. We often lose our way, but every single day presents us with another chance to find our path back to God. At this moment, seated in front of the closed curtain, while Jesus is growing in His mother’s womb, pray to God to make you new in the same way as Mother Mary.

This moment in the liturgy is about formation and birth. Not only are we born of our mothers, we are also born in the womb of the Holy Church through the sacrament of baptism. Have you ever contemplated your own baptism? At our baptism, we receive the gift of life, the grace of the Holy Spirit, to partake in the blessing of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. We die and we rise again in Christ in order to be the redeemed children of God. Have you ever thought about the importance of this to your life? From Christ’s birth, to your biological birth, to your spiritual birth through baptism, you are blessed with God’s grace, and have the opportunity to connect with that grace every Sunday.

At this moment in the liturgy, ask God to revive your grace. Renew your willingness to walk with God on the path of righteousness, as a child of God. Nothing is impossible if we are ready to receive His grace and dedicate our hearts to Him. You are so loved by God, that He gives you a purpose. God is your loving, caring, and forgiving Father. Open your heart and place it on the Holy Altar and it will be sanctified, purified and strengthened by the body and blood of our Lord and Savior. At that moment, the Holy Eucharist truly brings you to Christ’s holy banquet. At that moment, Jesus’s earthly ministry takes root in your heart and grows.


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