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What Kind of Prayer Can I Say Before Receiving the Holy Eucharist?

St. Gregory of Narek, in his book of prayer, writes a powerful prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit for the Holy Eucharist. Every time that you are going to receive the Holy Eucharist, mindfully read this following prayer and feel the power of the Holy Eucharist. This prayer is taken from "Narek" book, Prayer 33, Section G.

Again, I shall continue in this manner

until the assurance of the miraculous light

heralds again the good news of peace.

With all our souls

we pray and beseech you with tearful cries,

glorious creator, incorruptible and uncreated,

timeless Holy Spirit of compassion.

You are the intercessor of our silent sighs to

your merciful Father.15

You, who keep the saints, purify the sinners and

build the temple of the living and life-giving

will of the Father,

free me now from all unclean deeds,

which are not pleasing for your dwelling place.

Do not extinguish the light of grace

in us and in our minds' eye,

for we have learned that you will join us

through prayer and lives reverently lived.16

One of the Trinity is sacrificed and the other accepts it,

favoring us with the reconciling blood of his first born

so that you might accept our supplications.

Prepare for us honorable lodgings

for the partaking of your heavenly lamb,

that we might eat life-giving manna of the new salvation

and escape the punishments of condemnation.

May our blasphemy be purified in the refiner's fire,

as the prophet told of the live coal in the tongs of

offering at the altar,17

so that your mercy is proclaimed in all things

as the lovingkindness of the Father,

who embraced the prodigal son with fatherly inheritance,

and led the prostitute to the bliss of

the heavenly kingdom, was proclaimed by the Son of God.



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